Ernest Manning HAZELAND [1870-1944]

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Ernest Manning
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Hong Kong
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Additional information from my notes:

Ernest Manning Hazeland [i] 希士倫 (1870-1944, Authorized Architect 1903-41)
(Fig.22 portrait) was born and educated at the Diocesan School in HK. He worked in
PWD from 1888 to 1900 and then had his own practice until 1923. He was employed
by Chinese Chamber of Commerce to help Chinese to comply Orders issued by
Sanitary Board[ ii]. He partnered with Ugo Gonella 幹彌那(Italian, Authorized
Architect 1918-40), to form Hazeland & Gonella from1924 to 1941. The project
completed by Gonella was:

  • St Margaret’s Church 1923 [iii].

Hazeland died in 1944 in Stanley Internment Camp during Japanese Occupation of
Hong Kong. The projects completed were:

  • St. Anthony Church 1934 ( foundation stone was laid in 1933 but the building did not completed due to social & financial problem) [iv]
  • Aberdeen Technical School 1935 [v]
  • St. Mary’s School Extension 1936 [vi]
  • House at Castle Peak Road 1938 [vii]
  • Chinese House, 288 Ma Tau Wei Road 1938; NKIL1694, Nan Chang Street, Shamshuipo 1941
  • Factory, Pak Tai Street & Sung Wong Toi Road 1938;
  • Chinese School House, HHIL255, Hung Hom1939;
  • Godown : KIL4134, Bedford Road, Tai Kok Tsui 1939;
  • Workshop & Quarters, KIL4140, Ping Street, Kau Pui Shek 1939;
  • Knitting Factory, NKIL2702, Castle Peak Road 1940
  • Flashlight Battery Factory, KIL4170, Cheung Ning Street, To Kwa Wan 1940;
  • Hardware Manufactory, KIL4285, Kowloon City Road, To Kwa Wan 1941;
  • Peanut Factory, KIL4146, Ping Street, Kln 1941;


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Architect Ugo Gonella married Grace Theresa Murray on May 6, 1919.  Grace was one of the daughters of Patrick and Lucretia (Reed) Murray.  They had a daughter, Maria Gonella Huysman.  Jill's post on Ugo Gonella on August 31, 2021, indicated that Ugo died in Vercelli, Italy, in 1952 at age 61, as referenced in the Carl Smith card.  Ugo's wife Grace died at the early age of 32 in 1926 and is buried in the Gonella grave at St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery.  

Ernest Manning Hazeland born at The Albany Hong Kong 21 April 1870 and died 28 November 1944 Hong Kong (Public Ancestry Tree) His father was Francis Innes Hazeland Crown Solicitor Hong Kong.

Reta Frances Manning Hazeland (from her name and  signature on her wedding certificate) age 26 (born 2 April 1903 Hong Kong died 1996) daughter of Ernest Manning Hazeland Architect  married Ernest Russell Gibson Lieutenant  Royal Navy age 28 on 20  July 1929 at St George's Hanover Square London. Witnesses Andrew J Hazeland and Helene C Hazeland  (1870 - 1978)