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Ingeborg WARILD [1929-1998]

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c.1998-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
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Ingeburg Warild is my mother 

She Died in Broken Hill N.S.W Australia in 1998 from cancer

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for getting in touch.

We've got a short list of resources about the camp at Stanley - hopefully some will be new to you.

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Ingeburg was born in Shanghai on the 10-10-1929 her mother Ida whos nationality was estonian and her father Augustin anderson Warild whos nationality was Norwegian. She alao had a younger brother Albert. Her father was a  merchant seaman and they resided in Kowloon until their marriage fell apart . Then when the war started Ingerborg, Albert and Ida was placed in the stanley camp. When the war ended they came to Sydney  Australia as refugees  .  Ingerborg became a nurse Ida married again. Ingerborg had a step sister in Broken Hill a small town in N.S.W there she met her husband Ronald Milton O'Brien and had three children , she lived thre until she died on the 10-12-1998 at the age of 69 her mother died xmas eve on the 24-12-1999 at the age 101 Albert died about five years ago.

Thank you for the extra information.

I think some of the Norwegians in Hong Kong stayed out of Stanley camp initially. I wonder if your mother ever mentioned if she'd been in camp from day one, or moved there later?

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I think she was there from day one she told me she was there for 6 years . I know her father wasn't, he left them . He was a captain of a merchant ship and ended up in Australia for a short time well when  mum nanna and my uncle came to Australia after the war he went back to norway

I am wondering if this Ingeborg was ever enrolled in the Diocesan Girl's School in Kowloon, Hong Kong, before the war in 1941?

The description and circumstances seem quite familiar to the girl I used to know.

Thanks for that interesting information about Ida and her two children. For some reason I had the second child listed as August so glad to correct that. In Stanley Camp they were billeted in the Dutch Block (with other Norwegians & Dutch internees). The three of them were in Room 3, 1st Floor. This building still remains within the Stanley Prison compound and is adjacent to what was the Prison Officers Club (also still standing and still used as Correctional Services Club). Barbara Anslow mentions in her diary that Ingeburg played "Nana" in a production of Peter Pan whilst in Camp. Rgds,  Philip Cracknell

Yes she attended the school in Kowloon Hong Kong

Hello Debbie, I am very cerain that I knew your mother when she was a student in DGS. DGS used to accept boys in the elementary grades, after which they usually moved over to the DBS. I was one of those boys in DGS. Your mother was older than me, but due to an incident at the school she had made a great impression on me. I was seven years old at the time.

I mention her in my memoirs in Chapter 8 (a total of 14 chapters), and am in the final stages of my review before the manuscript goes for its first major editing. Now I can add a little bit more about your mother. If you have any photo of her at that age, I would love to see it. I remember her as a tall girl with blond hair.

It is such a small world when you think of it. I also made contact through Gwulo with another boy, Wallem Wnkleman, in the USA. We used to chum together in Stanley Camp before I was moved out to a refugee centre.

If you want to contact me, please contact David for my email.


Scan 4.jpeg
Scan 4.jpeg, by Debbie

It's been a long time ago, but this is her image from the best of my memory. She was quite lanky and I think this fits her image also. Thank you so much for sharing this photo. Debbie, I might or might not add this photo, but if I do would you be kind enough to give me your permission.

Thank you for taking your time to respond.

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Im glad Im pretty sure this is my mum that you remeber. she was long and lankey . i will srely give my permission to you if you want to use this photo 



Hello David,

I wonder if you could contact Debbie and see if we can receive another photo with higher definition. Or else, Debbie can send i directly to me if you give her my email address.

As it is it is not suitable for reproduction in a book.

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I can send more photos probably better at your email ill have to sort through them 

hi would it be possible if i can privatley have an adress so i can send proper copies of ingeborg to you ,as they would be better being copied by a photo shop. 

thanks debbie


Certainly Debbie. I will email my postal address to to Dave so that he can forward it to you.