New Rodney Building [c.1965-c.1991]

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99 Queensway.

The building is no longer here, the site is now part of Harcourt Garden. However the name lives on, as the road along the western edge of Harcourt Garden is named Rodney Street.

The building housed various government departments, eg:

  • Rating & Valuation Department. Their website notes: "Accommodation at lA Garden Road and D'Aguilar Place were surrendered by the Department in exchange for accommodation in New Rodney Block, Queensway." in April 1971.
  • Immigration Dept. A 1986 Legco document mentions they are in this office.
  • Civil Aviation Department. This report is from the CAD at this address.
Later place(s) at this location

Photos that show this Place


The predecessor (likely Rodney Building) was demolished likely in 1964, it was still there on an aerial photograph from February 1963. The first appearance of the New Rodney Building on a photo is from February 1965:

View1 c.1965 - joiner, Feb 1965, Facebook=Andrew Richards.jpg
View1 c.1965 - joiner, Feb 1965, Facebook=Andrew Richards.jpg, by marlowe


The building survived all its neighbours, it was finally demolished in 1991 (appeared on an aerial photo from November 1990, gone on one from October 1991). On it's place is Harcourt Garden which opened in 1994 (couldn't find an official opening date, on an aerial photo from May 1994 it looks quite finished).

A temporary building used initially as office accommodation for Cable & Wireless and later as government offices. Completed in the financial year 1965/66 as mentioned here in the Annual Department Report by the Director of Public Works. Very likely 1965 as the year of completion based on the previous year's Annual Report.

It looks as if the New Rodney Building is still under construction with two storeys only. (you have to zoom in).

1965 Admiralty.jpg
1965 Admiralty.jpg, by Peter

The two other buildings of the old Wellington Barracks still stand.