Charles Warren & unknown women

Thu, 05/16/2024 - 00:10

This photo was developed by my cousin, Brian Lewis, and was among a collection of negatives given to him by our cousin Diana Taschereau, originating from early family photos and negatives brought to Canada by her mother, Cicely Warren after WW2. Our grandfather, Charles Warren is standing on the right holding a Siamese cat that appears in a photo from the same batch that I've uploaded as "Olson brothers". If not 13 Broadwood Road, I think the location may be at a family house built earlier than The Towers but would be grateful if anyone can identify the line of hills in the background in order to pinpoint the location. None of the women shown in the photo are known to me, nor recognized by my generation of Olsons, but the older woman does appear on the steps of The Towers in another (perhaps later) photo. Again, I would be delighted if any of the women can be identified from other photos of the period. In 1915 both C.E. Warren and J. Olson were recorded as the ratepayers for Ridge House, 13 Broadwood Road, but Charles Warren was still giving his home address as 4 Fairview, Kowloon. The Towers wasn't completed until 1916. The occasion for this photo was perhaps a summer party.

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