1931-33 The Foundling Home - 'our Matron and one of the kiddies'

Sun, 01/29/2023 - 06:10

I suspect this may the BCMS Foundling Home in Broadwood Road, described as a palatial Western-style House. (The background is the same as in the photo of the BCMS missionaries).  The BCMS rented this mansion in 1930-33 for its foundlings and the home was run by Miss Elizabeth Lucas. The reason the BCMS could afford it was because the owner believed it was haunted, and he couldn't rent it to his own people. 

On the back of this photo it says 'our matron with one of the kiddies'.  The matron's name was Miss Chung (Ah Chung). 

Date picture taken
1932 (year is approximate)