peak tram station

Sat, 01/07/2023 - 07:02

Interesting view of the suroundings next to the peak tram station

Date picture taken


Agree with marlowe: The old Peak Tram Terminus was demolished in 1971 and replace by the first Peak Tower in 1972. So the mid- to end-1960s do fit.

Tracing back. Looks like the slides were created in February 1971 but other ephemera that appear connected with the photos show an earlier date of April 1968. Given the comments above, tend to think the latter date may be correct. However, some other photo scenes do indicate 1971 as the year of origin.

Definitely before 1970 based on the following photos.

From this blog, here are a set of vintage photos from 1970 Hong Kong.

This photo of the same place was taken in 1970. The trees by the taxi rank are taller and more mature than the spindly specimens in the above photo. And there are additional road signs not present in the above photo. 

1968 would be a good bet.

Edit: reading some of the comments in the blog in the link, someone pointed out from the make of the cars that the peak tram photo (in the blog link) at its earliest can only be 1971 and more likely a little later. 

I agree with a date of 1968, the taxis are the old style - I think the second one is a Prince.
Around 1968-70 (i can't remember when), all the new taxis were Nissan Cedrics (or similar), and all the "old style" taxis disappeared soon afterwards.
However, Klaus says above, that the Peak Tram Station (the building on the right) was demolished in 1971, but there are photos of that building on this site, showing that the building was still there in 1975-76 - you can tell by the cars. 

Hi marlowe. Yes, you are right that the station existed after 1972. I thought that the Peak Tower replaced the station, but in fact the tower was built behind  the station (this can be seen on photos from the construction phase: Construction photographs, Peak Tower (1967–1972), Hong Kong (1970–1971) - Chung Wah Nan Architects | Objects | M+ (

Regards, Klaus

P.S. found this one from 1987:

Peak Tower 1987
Peak Tower 1987, by Klaus

In the main photo, the roof-top wall of the old building is an old concrete one whereas photos from the 1970s show the new replacement likely put in after the completion of the first generation Peak Tower. Photos of construction of the Peak Tower provided by Klaus in the link show photos dated to 1971.

The main photo is likely from 1968. 

On the photo below (recovered from old Gwulo) scaffolds are around the upper terminus. Likely the exterior parts of the building are being refurbished as indicated in the comments above.

Peak Tower looking over Hong kong & Kowloon. 1972
Peak Tower looking over Hong kong & Kowloon. 1972, by Klaus

Off -topic but looking at the govt aerial images up to 1990, it seems that the old terminus building lasted until the whole thing was demolished in the early 90s to make way for the current viewing tower.