c.1961 Sheung Wan waterfront

Fri, 12/30/2022 - 23:44

See the original photo on Flickr.

Typical praya buildings from 1900 to 1910.

Date picture taken
1961 (year is approximate)


Thank you Klaus.  Your photo shows 83 Connaught Road West where my grandfather worked on Level 2.  On the left  is Queen Street, and on the right Sutherland Street.  These are the matching features when we look at the 1955 street map and 1963.4 aerial photo:

1. 6-level building at the corner with Queen Street.

2. 24 shophouse units on the block not counting the 6-level building.

3. Three units with pitched roof and they are the 4th, 5th and 6th units counting from Sutherland.  83 Connaught is the middle of the three.    

Hi Peter. I'm glad that we have a clear photo of this building where your grandfather worked. I must admit that I didn't see that before you mentioned it. Regards, Klaus