praya buildings between queen and sutherland streets c.1961

Mon, 01/02/2023 - 18:38

Cropped from 1960 Sheung Wan waterfront

The photo shows praya buildings between Queen and Sutherland streets around 1960. It was the time when the demolition of old praya houses built in 1900 to 1910 started and new ones were built (which also didn't last long). The new building on the left (62-63 [former 61-63] Connaught Road West) was under construction in 1960 (as shown on the March 1960 map), so the photo is from 1961 or later.

Marked in red are the houses Connaught Road West 82-84.

Date picture taken
1961 (year is approximate)


Hi Klaus, I think the 62-62 should read 61-63, and 92-84 should be 82-84.   The 1955 map,  its overlay 1963.4 aerial photo, and your high resolution photo show 24 separate shophouses not counting the 6-level building at the Queen's Street corner.  Regards,   Peter 

Hi Peter, thank you for pointing out incorrect numbering (I obviously was lacking in concentration). I corrected 82-84 and 62-63 (this is from the 1968 map where the new building is marked. It looks as if no. 61 was dropped). Regards, Klaus