df hongkong dragons 1969 1970

Mon, 09/12/2022 - 08:50

I played  Rugby for HK Football club in 1969/1970 whilst working for an Australian stock broking firm that establish a hong Kong office during the 1969 Australian Mining Boom. David Fairfull  was the HK Manager and i was his assistant . Tokkie Smith was our rugby coach in HK and majority of the players were expats and worked for HSBC. If I remember correctly Tokkie Smith was also our coach for the Hongkong 1st XV when we played Thailand and Taiwan (I Think) as part of the Asian games ?. I believe most of these records have been lost or erroneously destroyed . You may enjoy reminiscing with the names of the players in this photo . Cheers Errol Allan ( errol@kpbiz.com.au)


Date picture taken
1970 (year is approximate)