1956 Wanchai streetscene

Wed, 12/22/2021 - 00:55

Probably the Junction of Fenwick Street and Hennessy Road. 

Sun Hing Tailor at 38 Hennessy Road, and SHUN HING CYCLE CO., LTD. (“Triumph”) 25 Johnston Road (see here) Likely the cycle strore was at the junction of Fenwick Street and Johnston Road (the latter should be visible in the back).

"HK public vehicle owners' association" was the predessor of the HONG KONG TAXI OWNERS' ASSOCIATION LIMITED 香港的士商會有限公司

Date picture taken


Yes, southeast junction of Fenwick Street and Hennessy Road. The building that houses the Shun Hing Cycle Co. is very distinctive with the black chevrons or triangles. It was built after the completion of the Praya East Reclamation.