Wanchai Traffic Police 1940's.jpg

Sun, 10/31/2021 - 16:04

Interesting photograph of a traffic police in Wanchai. Bowen Road can be seen in the distance.

Date picture taken


Where is it exactly? Unfortunately, the street sign is ilegible. What can be read from left to right:

female toilet (女廁)
female bathroom (女浴室)
economy iced drinks restaurant (經濟xx飲冰室)

The white building with a tower just below Bowen Road should be 64 Kennedy Road. So the place could be near Southorn Playgound on Hennessy or Johnston Roads. The design of the traffic pagoda looks more 1950s than 1940s.

The street sign does say Hennessy Road but still does not answer exactly where though.

But using Klaus' helpful ID of 64 Kennedy Road as a line of sight, we should be somewhere between Fenwick Street and Luard Road. 

Using the traffic pagoda as an anchor point, probably more at the junction with Luard Road.

Actually no. The roads are angled in the photo so we should be further east than Luard Road. 

The next junction further east would be with O'Brien Road and there was a traffic pagoda there in the 1950s.


Hi There,

The location would be the same corner of the present day entrance of the Wanchai Computer Centre.  The black roof behind the public toilet was the original covered Southorn Playground.