1972 Royal Naval Dockyard

Mon, 09/27/2021 - 06:36

The image shown on flickr has been horizontally flipped and corrected. Note Pillbox 059 on the North Arm.

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I wonder if moddsey or any other reader can identify the Royal Navy guard ship in the photograph? At first blush I thought it might be the frigate HMS Chichester as I know she was in HK during the early 1970's. However, on close examination I can just make out the pennant number and it does not match that of the "Chi."

I am not sure but I think the ship in the photo is another frigate of an earlier class, i.e. HMS Whitby. Could any matelot or indeed any Navy enthusiast, confirm or otherwise?

Many thanks, Culverin.

Yes, I noticed the 4 "ton" class sweepers in the photo. By the mid-1970's HMS Chichester had left the Colony and the HK Squadron consisted of 5 patrol craft, former "ton" class sweepers. These were Wasperton, Wolverton, Beachampton, Yarnton and Monkton.

I believe 4 were later sold to the Irish Navy whilst one, (Wolverton), became a floating nightclub here and was later destroyed in a fire under somewhat dodgy circumstances!

I wonder whether the Squadron was increased to 5 craft after Chichester left, or whether it was already 5 when the photo was taken and one of the ships is on patrol?