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Thu, 08/05/2021 - 23:29
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Death Bed Declaration

A death-bed declaration by her son, William Chan, was related by his 64-year-old mother, Lau Tung-tai, who said she last saw her son in Kwong Wah Hospital in June, 1945. William was not likely to recover and he himself did not think he would live.

Mr Smith asked the Court's permission to accept William's dying declaration as it was made under abnormal circumstances.

Mrs Lau told the Court that William told her he was arrested by Lai. Mrs Lau identified Lai as the person who had been staying in her house for sometime waiting for the return of her son.

Florence Chan, Sister of William, gave detailed evidence of the arrest of her brother and the interview she had with him while he was in serious condition in the hospital.

"While William was in hospital, he had changed so much for the worse that I could not recognise him till I had a close look A few days after my visit, William died," she concluded.