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190 Nathan Road building was built by my great grand ma (Madam Lau Tsung Tai) , the building was designed by the French architect.  The building stones were also imported from the oversea. It was completed in 1937 but when my great grandma picked that land the price it is the edge of Tsimshatsui Kowloon and opposite Nathan Road, so the land and the house built costed $30,000 HKD. Of course that price was a huge amount, our  family members moved in 1937 , great grand parents and 3 sons and 4 daughters (great grand cousins) and 30 severants in the house. Now our family members around every where in overseas. We are in Australia. I always to disclourse the story of our family. Many more stories happened in this building. If you want to know you can send me an email. iilltd@hotmail.com


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