Central Waterfront 1980

Tue, 02/23/2021 - 17:31
Date picture taken
3 Sep 1980


Should this be called Central waterfront or Sheung (not Cheung) Wan waterfront? Where's the dividing line between the two?

Thank you tkjho, I've checked on current maps that Sheung Wan is more to the west and the piers shown are in Central. Amended the post.

I have the same question, and the discussion below may need correction....

Current Google maps: Sheung Wan has its eastern border on Wing Wo Street.

Wikipedia: “The border between Central and Sheung Wan consists of the entire Castle Lane, the entire Aberdeen Street, the entire Wing Kut Street, the section of Des Voeux Road Central between Wing Kut Street and Wing Wo Street, the section of Wing Wo Street north of Des Voeux Road Central, the section of Connaught Road Central between Wing Wo Street and Rumsey Street, and the section of Rumsey Street from Connaught Road Central to the waterside. Garfield Mansion is in Sheung Wan while Green Field Court is in Central. The border's location south of Seymour Road in the Mid-Levels is unknown.” I interpret it Rumsey Street being the dividing line.

This may not be of any significance – The designer of the 1957 map placed “上環” (Sheung Wan) at the start of Connaught Road West, which gave me the impression that the point between Connaught Road West and Connaught Road Central is the dividing line.

Administrative boundaries change over time, however, I believe it is still valid to refer pier locations to the old maps given they were economic deveopments of the time.  Regards,  Peter