Deep cutting on the Shaukiwan (King's) Road in the 1930s

Sat, 06/06/2020 - 17:48

Cropped from Brick_House_once_on_Kornhill.

The photo shows the deep on cutting the Shaukiwan (King's) Road.

"K" shows the Taikoo Sugar Refinery West Gate of Taikoo Dockyard.

Date picture taken


Klaus - you have dug up some very interesting history on the cutting below Stanley Terrace - well done !

The spot you have marked "K" on this photo is the West Gate of Taikoo Dockyard, opposite the suspended path up the side of the dam wall to Stanley Terrace. As late as 1959, sedan chairs were available for the hill climb.

There was also a steep path from that point up to Kornhill, which the sedan chairs also negotiated until the early 1950s (when a motor road was completed on the other side of Kornhill). 

Regards - Geoff Wellstead