Wanchai View 1880s

Tue, 06/30/2020 - 23:56

Originally from the National Archives  Our Catalogue Reference: Part of CO 1069/447.

This image is part of the Colonial Office photographic collection held at The National Archives. Feel free to share it within the spirit of the Commons.

Shows probably the 1.000 foot Pier.

Source: This image came from Flickr, see https://flickr.com/photo.gne?id=11143371713

Date picture taken


Photo date is early/mid 1880s not 1890s. No sign of any central reclamation, no Union Church on Kennedy Road nor any tram construction. Unfortunately the Catholic Cathedral is just out of sight as its construction progress is a useful dating tool for this period. It does look like the Causeway Bay breakwater is complete although its not 100% clear. It also looks like there is a spire of the original Catholic Cathedral on Wellington street still visible.