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Sun, 04/26/2020 - 16:31

Devil's Peak in the distance.

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Hi David,

Yes, the original bay was very shallow.  Launching the dinghies from the boat store would probably only have been possible when the tide was in - unless their shallow draught enabled some dragging across the sea bed!  It did not take a great deal of infill to create the new sports field that was being made immediatlely in front of the camp buildings during my time there in 1957/8.  The rubble for this was taken from the hill side above the camp road, as visible on several photographs taken by me and others.  Colleagues, who were there a year before me, described the shallow sea bed as being muddy rather than sandy.  The shallow water would be warmer, but swimming off the Point was more popular, the sea being clearer, and diving off the rocks was always popular. Andrew