1900s Elgin Road

Mon, 02/24/2020 - 20:37

On Flickr attributed to the 1920s, but Elgin Road became Haiphong Road already in 1909. Possibly taken from Robinson/Nathan Road. 

There is a gas lamp in front of the houses. Public Works Report for 1892 states the erection of gas lamps on this road.

Date picture taken


It looks as if we can see the same long row of houses on Elgin/Haiphong Road on both photos. These houses should be the block visible at K.I.L. 213 on the 1896 map. And the photographer wasn't as far away as Nathan Road but near the Kowloon Hotel. 

Update:taken  still more to the west near Canton Road.

If the 1900s Elgin Road photo was taken close to the then Kowloon Hotel, the far background of the row of houses should be the wharves. But it looks quite similar to that shown in the other photo, which is the then Robinson Road. What's wrong?