Spectators at Happy Valley.jpg

Sat, 09/21/2019 - 01:54

I take this to be a commercial photo that was kept by Leslie Warren's family as it has his sister, Evelyn in it. There is no studio imprint on the back but it is probably in the public domain. Leslie's daughter has written "Aunty Evelyn (middle), Daddy's sister at Happy Valley Racecourse". It certainly looks like Evelyn standing next to the gentleman in the dog collar holding the race programme. Is he having a flutter? I suppose he must be a friend of the family. In adulthood Evelyn continued to describe herself as a Roman Catholic on passenger lists and her father certainly had several friends among the Catholic priesthood. Perhaps there are some known faces among the other spectators? The date should be 1920-1922. From the fur collars it looks to be a winter meeting.

Date picture taken