Kowloon ca. 1879

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 22:34

Part of the panorama from 1879, actually one sheet (of four) of the panaorama posted by the National Archives UK on Flickr.

The path/road on the left, an early evidence of Nathan Road?

Date picture taken


Greetings.  Allow me to cast my yes vote.  Supporting hints are its orientation and distance from the site of the Water Police Station, trees only on the west side near the water, the shape of the bend on the right looks about right for Kowloon Wharf.  Interesting views are the smoke from the tall chimney likely the Wanchai power station - https://gwulo.com/node/7191#15/22.2759/114.1651/Map_by_ESRI-Markers/100 , and that flat-bed-look ship on the right.   Regards,  Peter

Hi David, I had my initial doubt because of how it relates to the roads to the right (west) which I thought were later re-aligned.   I agree, more like NE-SW orientation, and too small a gap to squeeze in the big hotel, YMCA, and others.   Regards,   Peter