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Fri, 09/13/2019 - 03:40

From a 1930's collection. Probably Lugard Road Bowen Road (sse comments below).

Date picture taken


Hi Klaus,

Probably not Lugard Road as the fence along the side was made from concrete: 

Lugard Road 1954, by stuartjames5

Maybe Bowen Road?

Regards, David

Hi David, yes, you're right. It looks more like Bowen Road:

Bowen Road - Soldier of Fortune
Bowen Road - Soldier of Fortune, by philk

But if this is correct, what it the tower in the back?

Regards, Klaus

Looking closely at the photo, I suspect that the "tower" is actually a chimney of a house, just below Bowen Road. Looks like it could be close to the junction of Bowen Road and Borrett Road. Just a guess! All the iron railings on Bowen Road were removed by the Japanese during the Occupation and then replaced post war.

Greetings.  The retired/demolished power station's location marker, when seen on the 1952 overlay map, is next to a hospital.  So, the chimney in the sedan-chair photo could be part of the hospital.  Still, I cannot rule out it being part of the power station.  There may be some uncertainties about the date of the sedan-chair photo, and did they demolish the chimney around retirement time, or several years later?
It looks like the tall and slender chimney is attached to the bigger concrete chimney.  I wonder if the former was built to burn off dirty gases, if true, this supports the power station assumption.
Regards,  Peter