Lindy 11th birthday.jpg

Tue, 07/02/2019 - 05:47
Date picture taken
29 Oct 1950


Notes from Nona:

This photo was taken at my sister, Lindy's, 11th birthday party in October 1950 at the Police Club in Happy Valley. I'm the 3 year old being held by Nina Smirnoff. Lindy is standing next to us on the right, and Dord is kneeling bottom left.

Hi David

The Nina Smirnoff I mentioned who was holding me in the photo was the 2nd daughter of Yuri and Nina Smirnoff. Although her Christened name was Nina, she was always known as Lyalya when we knew her.

I have to find out why some Russian girls are called Lyalya as my mother was also called that, instead of Melitza (which she hated) !!