Street Market in Victoria-1957-but where?

Wed, 05/01/2019 - 22:59

This my be more difficult to identify?.than other photo.

Date picture taken
1 May 1957


Hi there,

I believe I saw a big pagoda on the upper left., likely the one in Tiger Balm Garden.  So this would be one of the streets in Tai Hang.  Woo Sha Street, perhaps?


Hi David and Tngan—well that photo did not take long to Identify! You never cease to surprise me, why didn’t I notice that Pagoda in upper left corner??,have photos of Tiger Balm Gardens, will upload them shortly,  meanwhile thanks to google earth and you chaps I’m off for another walk along Wun Sha Street in 2019–. 62 years after my first visit in 1957. Thank you. Bryan.