Street view from Victoria Tram 1957.

Wed, 05/01/2019 - 22:59

I just know one of the forum regulars is going to identify this street for me?—Thank you, in advance. Bryan.

Date picture taken
1 May 1957


"Mr. Yee, the repair is finished on your car, go one level up to have a beer and relax, by then the high level accountants next floor up will have figured out the repair bill."

Hi There,

This likely was the junction where Johnston Road meet Thomson Road, close to the east end of it.  The Tramway had reshuffle the stops int he past decade.  I vagely remember  there was a covered stop at that location, right off Burrows Street.


Yes, tngan has got the area spot on. On the extreme right, there is a road sign. The first few letters of Johnston Road can be deciphered. In the photo below further up the road on the right and behind the building next to the Shell service service, the diamond logo of Pacific Auto Service can be seen on the street corner.

1950s Johnston Road, looking West
1950s Johnston Road, looking West, by Admin

I just found this photo in a forum of Old HK. Somebody had identied it as a view from Johnston road looking west into Thomson Road. Some more photos were also posted for identification and answers may come soon.