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Wed, 03/27/2019 - 19:20

Congrats to BAAG 70th Anniversary! I've just realised that on this photo taken at Dunrose Oct 1951 (acknowlegements to Lawrence Tsui archives), uncle Andrew's( #78) wife Auntie Josephine Ng Sau Chun (Lui Kar Yan's #68 former wife) is seated 3rd from right of photo in light colour dress clutching handbag.

Front row, seated, L-R:

  • 1-4: ???
  • 5: Paul Tsui
  • 6-7: ???
  • 8: Josephine Ng Sau Chun
  • 9-10: ???
Date picture taken
1 Oct 1951


Hi David,

Lawrence Tsui uploaded the original 1951 photo under 'BAAG' on Gwulo with some names, but I can't find it again today. There is the 1952 photo only. But I have the original Screenshot with the names. The names Lawrence mentioned are 'Francis Lee Yiu-piu, Mark Tsui Shing-cheung, Lai Yuan-lung (Chinese Major attached to BAAG), Lau Ming-sai, Shum Loi-sang, Percy Cheng, David Lam, etc'. Maybe you can find it on Gwulo.

Hi David - Yes, the gentleman in the front row is probably Paul Tsui.  The caption reads "Photo commemorating the gathering of Chinese ex-BAAG members to celebrate the promotion of Tsui Ka-cheung (Paul Tsui) to District Officer of Yuen Long, October 1951.  Taken by 新大眾 (name of studio)".