Peak Tram upper terminus

Sun, 12/23/2018 - 00:06
Date picture taken


Hi Andrew,

You've noted elsewhere that some or all of Peter's photos were taken before his time in Hong Kong from 1953-7, possibly by a commercial photographer. This is another which seems to have been taken before 1953.

The following pic was taken from an almost identical position as Peter's.

Upper Peak Tram Terminus
Upper Peak Tram Terminus, by eternal 1966

It's on flickr where it's dated 1953 (without any date proof), but was definately taken later than Peter's as Victoria Ridge (building in top right of Peter's pic) had been demolished (unfortunately we don't know exactly when) and the circular roofed building in the bottom left corner has been built. Obviously either the flickr pic must have been taken later than 1953 or Peter's pic taken earlier. As you've already noted that some of Peter's photo's were taken prior to 1953 perhaps this is another one.

Please keep posting the photos of your old colleagues. I for one am thoroughly enjoying them. 



Thank you, GW, for your detective work. I think that you are probably correct.  Buying a camera on our meagre R.A.F. pay was quite an expensive commitment for us, so those of us who did tended to take quite a lot of photographs - see the large number in my own gallery. Perhaps, ‘touristy’ photographs that do not include old colleagues should always be treated with care, especially when they are part of very small collections. Best wishes to all David’s followers for 2019 and also for the year of the pig.  Andrew

I went to the Peak School 1954-56, and by that time the building at upper right was flattened.  The building to the right of the terminus was a garage with a taxi, and if  a bunch of us could scrape together $1.30 we could ride to school.