1912 view towards Kowloon from Abergeldie (in front).JPG

Thu, 11/09/2017 - 05:34

Photo taken from above Abergeldie with the possible rooftops of Hazely left, and Tjandi right.

Date picture taken


Hi Grousehunter,

Thanks for posting more pics from the Schou-Sorensen collection.

I think the building in the foreground of the above photo is Fung Shui with part of the roof of Abergeldie seen in the middle left. This is based on a comparison with the following pic which shows Fung Shui and Abergeldie in the lower left and right respectively, see comments at https://gwulo.com/atom/17376.

Barker Road
Barker Road, by annelisec

Please ignore the title "Barker Road", which I think is incorrect. There are strong similarities between the right hand corners and gardens of the two buildings thought to be Fung Shui, whilst the roofs and chimneys of the eastern wings of the two Abergeldies appear to be identical.