Bank of Canton

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 06:42

I found this - undated - photo in the collection of my grandfather Pieter Marks (1893-1981) who worked for the Dutch India (more correct: East Indies) Commercial Bank, the Nederlandsch Indische Handelsbank, in their office in 8, Des Voeux Road. But as he subsequently (after 1928)  worked in that bank's Singapore office I'm not 100% sure this picture actually shows Hong Kong or Singapore instead. If the latter I'll obviously remove this upload again (I tried to find comarable pics on the internet but was not succesful until now).

Date picture taken


Nice photo of the Bank of Canton on the left. Guess the Nederlandsch Indische Handelsbank would be the building in the centre.

Here is a 1911 Map showing the location of the various buildings. 

1911 Map of Central
1911 Map of Central, by Admin

The building that replaced the bank building shown in the original photo opened in 1933. Here is the place for the pre 1933 building. Here is the place for the post 1933 building. 

At some point the bank moved across the road to the King Edward Hotel building, later the site of Alexandria House. This is the building you have a picture of from the early 1950's