1936 Queen's Road C1

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 01:21
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Hello Klaus,

I'm trying to put together a number of photos for my book The Farthest East, a narrative about my family during the War Years. My father Bob Jones had his last 'decent' meal at Jimmy's Kitchen before being interned at Stanley Camp (where he met my mother Irene Stevens). There are other photos that you have posted on Gwulo.com in adddition to the one above together with some that I've been talking to David about. Please let me know how I should go about doing this. Many thanks and Best Regards, Robert Jones


Hello Robert,

I'd like to help you, but unfortunately I can't. This is a photo from Flickr, I'm only the one who submitted it to Gwulo, and not the author. This is HT (eternal 1966e). He has stopped uploading photos to Flickr more than a year ago when the free access was limited to 1000 photos (he has more). You might contact him and ask for the use in your book, but I'm not sure that he will respond as he has stopped all his activities there. I'm not sure if he really has the copyright for this photo, but on Flickr is says " All Rights Reserved".


Best regards