Jimmy's Kitchen QRC [1934-1975]

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In 1934 Jimmy's Kitchen moved from Lockhart Road to the China Building at Queen's Road Central/Theatre Lane near King's Theatre. It closed during the Japanese occupation from 1941-1945. 

In August 1945 (!) the restaurant opened again. In 1975, the restaurant closed because the China Building was about to be demolished and moved to Wyndham Street.

More information on their website. (website no longer available since mid-2020)

Photos that show this Place


There is a minor gap in the website. Looks like Jimmy's Kitchen had moved to D'Aguilar Street prior to the move to the China Building as noted here  The move to D'Aguilar Street may have been short-lived. 

Earliest mention is in the 1934 licensing session ( July 1934) for liquors. The following was notified:

Name of Applicants

Description of License

Sign of House

Situation of House

Whether the applicant has held a license to sell liquor in the Colony and, if so, for how long

Aaron Landau

restaurant keeper's adjunct license

Jimmy's Annex

China Building, ground floor (Facing Queen's Theatre)

New application