Class Graduation (C1936)

Sun, 07/23/2017 - 08:28

This is the second of two photos I recently received from a family friend.  I interpret the title at the top as photo taken in 1936, the school's name - likely located in Kowloon.  It mentions " 中學" but considering the age of the students, it appears they just started an early level/grade at this high school.  I have no knowledge how the schools' structure worked in those days.

What is certain is that my mother was in this photo - 5th row (note there are 7 rows), first on left.  The girls' school uniform matched those of her friends in another photo likely taken in 1937, on the occasion of the get-together of friends some continued to attend this school while a few joined Maryknoll Convent School.

Photo of classmates getting together the following year (1937):

Date picture taken