1987 Sept aerial view

Fri, 06/16/2017 - 00:26

See also annotations on Flickr. The shipyard is attributed to HYK. Is this Hong Kong Ship Yard on the 1956 Kowloon map?

Date picture taken
1 Sep 1987


I think the Hong Kong Ship Yard on the 1956 map was a bit further inland than the shipyard shown above, roughly where the building marked "Industrial Building complex..." on Flickr is on this photo.

Greetings.  Just found these two photos about the Hong Kong Ship Yard, in its still busy days.  The neighbourhood has seen many changes since then, roads likely realigned and the elevated roadway makes it difficult to precisely spot it on modern map.  So these old maps are a great help.  Comparing this aerial photo with current Google map, I estimate that the ship yard was at the spot where the elevated roadway has "just" branched off to two directions.   Regards,  Peter

Hong Kong Ship Yard - Map Location
Hong Kong Ship Yard - Map Location, by OldTimer
Hong Kong Ship Yard (1965), by OldTimer


Found on Flickr a similar image taken some 13 years earlier:

Approaching Kowloon 1974 , by Eternal1966

On this one, the ship yard is still existing. In the 1987 one, the harbour north of the Cosmopolitan Estate has been reclaimed, the the ship yard is gone. 

P.S. Peter, as we have three images of Hong Kong Ship Yard now, I created a place for this yard.