Children queuing at a Lutheran Mission Van

Mon, 04/03/2017 - 03:09

Found this in the album posted by Chris Chau on Flickr.

Children queuing at a vehicle whith the inscription "Luthe(ran)". Lutheran Mission cared for refugees, so this could be something like oral vaccination against polio or vitamin treatment. No information about date and place is given.

After discussion the place was identified as the blocks built for squatters after the fires in around 1956. It's likely the distribution of milk to children.


Date picture taken


I cannot help with the van but the buildings behind are the original blocks built for squatters after the fires in 1956(?)  So I suggest the lace is Kowloon in the old foothills where the blocks shot up.  and the time, - 1956/7/8

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My speculation is, the queue was either for charity nurishments or some oral vaccination.  I believe Pilio or Malaria has oral vaccines for quite a long period of time.

As mentioned, just total speculation.


Dave Kohl wrote in by email:

You might check out page 32 in my Volume II of Lutherans on the Yangtze.  I talked with missionary Ruth Proft, who worked with the Lutheran Mission of the Missouri Synod about welfare topics. She provided several photos of the Lutheran World Relief truck(s?) that were used to distribute milk and biscuits to refugee children. Your photo appears to be at a resettlement block I'd guess about 1956. There were rooftop schools run by various charitable groups and churches, so these kids most likely were from a nearby location.  Chinese kids didn't like milk, so Ruth and crew laced it with a bit of sugar, and that changed everything.

Work of the Lutheran Mission. The van is believed to be a milk station for children.

Lutheran Mission Food Service
Lutheran Mission Food Service, by Moddsey
Lutheran Mission Childrens' Milk Bar
Lutheran Mission Childrens' Milk Bar, by Moddsey
Lutheran Mission Food Rations
Lutheran Mission Food Rations, by Moddsey