Three Dent & Co. Praya buildings

Wed, 07/20/2016 - 14:26
Date picture taken


The buildings in the picture are actually on Lot 7. The ones to the left of the east building are on 2a 2b 2c


Development of this block:


1840's Dent & Co (1st Generation) built on ML 3,4,5. 3 & 4 later merged to become 3. Lindsay & co occupied ML 2.

Early 1860s Bowring Praya was built north of Lots 2,3,5 (&1)- todays Des Voeux Road. This created new plots of land which became Lots 2a,2b,2c directly north of the original ML2. and ML 7 directly north of ML3 & 5 (ML 7 was later divided into ML 7, &A and 7B)

Dent built his new headquarters (the building shown above) on ML 7 along the waterfront. Original buildings still existed on Lots 2,3 & 5.(I have found mention of a redevelopment but this may have just been a renovation)

After new building on ML7 finished, Dent sold ML 3 to Hong Kong Hotel company.

After Dent went bankrupt new building divided into three


West section ML7 demolished in 1891 to build north wing of Hong Kong Hotel –Became part of Gloucester Hotel site in 1932

Middle section ML 7A (16 Des Voeux Road)had a third floor added, it was then demolished in 1903/4 to build the Netherlands India Commercial Bank Building  - Became part of Gloucester Hotel site in 1932

East Section ML 7B (14 Des Voeux Road) survived until being demolished to build Exchange Building in 1926 

All three sections became part of the Landmark complex in the 80’s along with 12 Des Voeux Road (ML 2C-Powell building, later Windsor House The Original Marine Lots 2 and 3 on Queens Road also became part of the Landmark complex after been acquired by Hong Kong Land in the Mid 20th Century