Dent & Co. (Centre) / Holiday & Wise / later Melcher's - ML 7 Sec B [1858-c.1904]

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Notes from Annelise:

Offices containing Eight Rooms, Compradore's Quarter, Spacious Fire-proof Treasury and Godown, capagle of holding about 1,000 tons.

Photos that show this Place


This was the central portion of Dent & Co's building (2nd Generation), the date is 1858-c1903/4

I suggest renaming this to Dent & Co Building (2nd Generation)  Eastern Section

Originally there were four lots between Ice house Street and Peddar street 2,3,4,5 (lot 1 was the other side of Ice House Street to the north of Queens Road)


3 & 4 merged pretty quickly and Both were owned by Dent since the first land auction of 1841. 


Lot 2 was Lindsay and Co.


Governor Bowring scheme in the 1850s to build a Praya along the entire waterfront from West point to the dockyard was frustrated due to the location of Lindsay and Dent.