Breamar Hill 1972 - 1.jpeg

Thu, 03/10/2016 - 12:28

I purchased the Aerial photograph from the HK Gov't Map office to understand the area which I work in, Braemar Hill.  On the Photo, it's stated that it was taken in 1972, prior to the draining and development of Braemar Hill Mansions. It's interesting to note in the south west corner, which is bounded by Hau Yuen Path and Wai Tsui Crescent , it appears to be containers - why they would be located here seems odd. In the furthest southwest corner is the old squatter village Nga Choi Hang, which emptied out about 1994, and remained empty after the mysterious fire of 1995.

Date picture taken


Could it be a car park? It looks like a mix of cars, buses and lorries.

Regards, David