Wed, 01/20/2016 - 05:32

100 years later from “First Opium War” between China and Great Britain ( 1839-1842),

Japanese Military invaded from Guangdong, behind Hong Kong in December 1941.

British Military fought with their back to the wall

Against British soldiers were 13,000, Japanese military potential were approx. 40,000.

After the battle of 17 days, British Military laid down their arms on Dec. 25 in Hong Kong Island. ( War death: British 1,700, Japanese 700 ), and approx. 11,000 British soldiers were handled as captives.

This photo was taken during the battle at Tsim Sha Tsui near old Kowloon station, we are able to recognize the clock tower in the photo. And even today, you’ll find “the signature” on the repaired parts by the numerous bullet holes on the wall of the clock tower caused by the battle.

After WWII, 2 Japanese generals engaged this invasion to Hong Kong were executed.


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