Life Magazine Repulse Bay Hotel.jpg

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 08:13

This is the photo taken in June 1st, 1948 by the photographer making contract with

Life Magazine, and I feel this is a nice photo showing the image of the Veranda in old days.

However, queerly, I could not find this photo in the magazines issued in 1948 ( after June) . Any member has known the issue of “Life” introducing this photo?


Date picture taken




I understood the subject photo taken by the photographer, Jack Birns was prepared for Life magazine issued on June 21, 1948 as “Hong Kong” introducing from at page 99 to 107, but regrettably the photo ( taken at Repulse Bay Hotel ) was not run.

( But the copyright was belonging to Life magazine.)



Not all images on the Life magazine website made it into print. When this site was originally on-line there used to be images of the photographer's contact prints marked up with those suitable for possible publication. Recent owners of the collection have continually refined the site in their own corporate image making it much more difficult to find interesting new pictures.



I read the contents of “Hong Kong” in this Life magazine issued June 21, and considered that the editor of Life magazine might deem the photo of “ Repulse Bay Hotel” showing happy-looking old couple was unmatched to the subject.


But the photo was a precious reference to us as the scene of “Veranda” at Repulse Bay Hotel taken in 1948.