1958 map of Aberdeen

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 20:58

Detail from Plate 7-3 (1958) Jan Jan's Map of Hong Kong, shown in Mapping Hong Kong.

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This map had stated the location of the wet market on Tung Sing Road.  Please look for the Chinese phrase 街市 on the map.  On the map the phrase was oriented traditionally from right to left.  You should see 街 instead.  Tung Sing Road was clearly marked in English though, with an arrow.

A note, some of the street names in the 1958 map was in Mandarin where Google Maps had the street names generally in Cantonese.  Examples:

Hu Bei Street in the 1958 map = Wu Pak Street in present day Google Maps

Nu Nam Street in the 1958 map = Wu Nam Street in present day Google Maps.

Tung Sing Road was the same in both old and new maps though.

Nam Ning street did not exist back in 1958 as that was well inside the Dockyard.