R.A.F. Little Sai Wan. View from my room

Fri, 08/28/2015 - 01:24

I shared a room on the top floor of the Airmen's block with five other airmen.  Even though work was still on-going to complete a new sports field in front of the camp, the view from our balcony was wonderful.   Ships entering or leaving the harbour moved across the mouth of the bay.  Planes, nearly all propellor driven Argonauts, Stratocruisers or Constellations, droned past on their way to or from the 'new' Kai Tak runway that jutted out into the harbour.  In the evenings small fishing junks and sampans moored in the bay with lanterns glowing in the dark as the men fished for sea urchins and other delicacies.  During my time at Little Sai Wan the Dutch passenger liner, 'Tjibantjet' lay stranded on the rocks at the Lye Mun entrance to the harbour.  She was driven ashore during Typhoon Gloria on 23 September 1957.  I wasn't sorry to have arrived a month later when the excitement was over. She is clearly visible on this photograph.

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