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Tue, 06/30/2015 - 19:07

So far as I know there is difficulties on identifying the end of service for each type trams. Meanwhile, found a news clip of c.1950 and surprisingly noticed that a single-deck car off track, given that not all earlier cars had been converted to double-deckers once double-deckers being introduced.

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Thanks Joseph, it's a surprise to see a single-deck tram so late. I wonder if this was in use to transport the public, or for some other purpose like maintenance?

Regards, David

According to the caption, it was a maintenace tram with a repair gang. That said, I do recall that tram driver training was conducted in a silver coloured single decker tram. Dont think the single decker was one of the originals, though.

Hard to tell, yet it's one of the three earlier maintenance trams, and replaced by the aforementioned silver 'half double decker' 200 in 1956: acted as a driver training car as well as maintenance works.

Regards, Joseph