1961 Tsim Sha Tsui Back Street

Wed, 03/25/2015 - 19:31
Date picture taken


The old houses on the right in the above photos were located on the north side of Granville Road betwen Nathan and Carnarvon Roads as shown below. The buildings immediately behind are fronting Carnarvon Road.

1956 Granville Road, by eternal1966e

The rear view of the old buidlings can be seen below on the right. 

1953 Junction of Kimberley and Carnarvon Roads, by Eternal1966

I did get an address for the Princess Billiard Saloon - Mezzanine Floor of the Princess Theatre. The Saloon opened in October 1953. China Mail 3 October 1953 refers. 

For the photo location, looks like there was an alleyway between the PrincessTheatre complex and Granville Road commencing from Nathan Road towards Carnarvon Road at the rear of the old houses as shown below at bottom edge. I think the sign indication for the Saloon can also be seen.

Nathan Road 1954, by stuartjames5