Punjab Buildings (North of Granville Road btn Nathan & Carnarvon Roads) [????-????]

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Current condition
Demolished / No longer exists

Address: 1-21 Granville Road. As seen here, the original lots covered a large area.  However, the name Punjab Buildings continued to be used for the lots on the northern side of Granville Road bounded by Nathan and Carnarvon Roads. Not sure but the terraced buildings seen mainly in photos of Granville Road from the 1950s and 1960s may have been erected in the early part of the 20th century and retained their original design.

Photos that show this Place


The original buildings comprised a large area and were bounded by Nathan, Granville, Carnarvon and Kimberley Roads. It would appear later, perhaps in 1923 here that only K. I. L. No 543 and 545 were retained and continued to be known as the Punjab Buildings. The main differences are the the pulling down of the older dilapidated buildings and reduction in the size of the original area as noted in the initial page.

Granville Road (Ka Lin Wai Lo To) north side is the Punjab Buildings from Nathan Road to Carnarvon Road: 

No.1 K.I.L. 542 "Punjab Buildings" No. 1

No. 3 K.I.L. 542 "Punjab Buildings" No. 2

No. 5 K.I.L. 542 "Punjab Buildings" No. 3

No. 7 K.I.L. 542 "Punjab Buildings" No. 4

No. 9 K.I.L. 542 "Punjab Buildings" No. 5

No. 11 K.I.L. 542 "Punjab Buildings" No. 6

No. 13 K.I.L. 542 "Punjab Buildings" No. 7

No. 15 K.I.L. 542 "Punjab Buildings" No. 8

No. 17 K.I.L. 542 "Punjab Buildings" No. 9

No. 19 K.I.L. 542 "Punjab Buildings" No. 10

Source: 1938 Street Index page 234 (image 428)

It is confusing as the 1901 map links this particular area as K.I.L. 543 and K.I.L. 545

The newspaper report as linked by moddsey for the sale of Punjab Buildings Hong Kong Telegraph, page 1 19th April 1923 list the sale of the lot as K.I.L. 542 and mentioned specifically 4 houses - which matches with the 1901 map. Those 4 houses were clearly different from these 10 houses. 

Unless K.I.L. 543 and 545 got 'absorbed' into K.I.L. 542 over time.