1960s Junction of Cameron and Carnarvon Roads

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 21:48

Carnarvon Road looking up the slope towards Kimberley Road.

Date picture taken
30 May 1966


On Flickr it shows:

Rikki's Restaurant, 41-43 Carnarvon Road.

So it'll be the crossroads with Cameron Road in the foreground, then the slope up to Kimberley Road in the distance.

Regards, David

Thank you so much for all the replies I received about Chanticlere and Rikkis Russian restaurant in the mid1950's. A most welcome and surprising bonus was in the photograph of Rickkis was the inclusion of T Y Lee jewellers where we (my wifeactualy!!) used to shop in the 1950's.

That wonderful photo of Rikkis on the corner of Cameron/Carnavon Rd brought back so many memories of delicious “zakuska” ( eggplant caviar, smoked salmon, herring in sour cream, stuffed green peppers, Russian salad, red roe caviar, piroshkis, black rye bread, spicy dill pickles... yummmm ) 

I had piano lessons 2x a week in Humphrey’s Avenue from Mrs. Nozadze, so would often walk over to Rikkis and buy some goodies and my Mum or Dad ( Eric & Reva GABRIEL) would drive and pick me up. Also their Raisin bread was to die for.

I don’t remember that we ate at the the restaurant upstairs that often, but if so, it would beef stroganoff, chicken a la king or “pojarsky”

I have replicated many of the above recipes but not quite the same.... however my kids/grandkids love it. 

Thanks so much for the photos. 

Barb Mackenzie