Hong Kong Legal Community 1908

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 07:14

This is a collection of photos from Twentieth Century Treaty Ports published in 1908 of the Hong Kong Legal Community.  The Photos are of:  

  1. O.D. Thomson, Solciitor; 
  2. Paul M. Hodgson, Solicitor; 
  3. H.W. Looker, Solicitor; 
  4. F.A. Hazeland, Second Police Magistrate;
  5. F.B.L. Bowley, Crown Solicitor; 
  6. H.H.J. Gompertz, First Magistrate; 
  7. J. Scott Harrison, Solicitor; 
  8. Mr Justice Wise, Puisne Judge; 
  9. Sir F.T. Piggott, Chief Justice; 
  10. G.K. Hall, Brutton, Solicitor; 
  11. Arathoon Seth, Registrar'; 
  12. F.X. D'Almada E Castro, Solicitor; 
  13. Sir Henry S. Berkeley, Barrister at Law; 
  14. G.C.C. Master, Solicitor; 
  15. C.D. Wilkinson, Solicitor; 
  16. G.A. Hastings, Solicitor
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