Sai Kung

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 23:43

HKG 1960s Mike's photos

Date picture taken
4 Apr 1969


Great photo.

I take my dogs running down to this spot often. It is right at the end of Clearwater bay, Lung Ha Wan road, just before the horse riding school.

In the summer its used by learner divers to do their open water section.

The concrete ramp on the right was blown up in the 80's (I beleive) because smugglers were using it to drive cars onto fast boats. The current riding school is where there use to be some big guns protecting the Sai Kung area from the sea. 

I've dived here myself on a couple of occassions. Never seen a picture of the ramp intact before though. I believe it was blown up by the army sometime in the 90's to prevent smugglers driving cars down into their high speed boats. Thanks for sharing Mike.

I've just realised that Mike's picture of Shelter Island is actually flipped. I took this picture in July showing the proper orientation.

Lobster Bay 2015.JPG
L1110978compressed.JPG, by Philk

You can see what remains of the concrete ramp :-)