Lobster Bay [????- ]

Submitted by philk on Tue, 10/27/2015 - 22:41
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Lobster Bay - 龍蝦灣 (Lung Ha Wan in Cantonese)

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There used to be a concrete makeshift pier just at the end of the road about 50m away from the gates of the present-day Equestrian Centre that was heavily used by smugglers travelling back and forth Hong Kong and Mainland China back in the 70s and 80s. 

Smuggling activities gradually came under control by 1991 with the formation of the Anti-Smuggling Task Force (ASTF) but it was still a looming issue, and Lobster Bay was still one of the significant locations for smugglers.

The concrete pier finally met its demise in 1992 when the Task Force together with Army demolition experts demolished the pier and its adjacent roadways using more than 300lb TNT.

RTHK has a few footages and an interview with a retired Task Force officer in this video (in Cantonese): https://podcast.rthk.hk/podcast/item.php?pid=144&eid=35671&lang=zh-CN

I was recently watching an old HK movie called To Be Number One (1991) and noticed several scenes were shot at Lobster Bay when the concrete ramp was still intact. It was much larger than I envisaged.

Lobster Bay concrete ramp
Lobster Bay concrete ramp, by philk