Hunchbacks/ second photo

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 23:13

Not Quasimodo Phil but the second photo of the Hunchbacks as promised.  Much the same as the previous one and labelled Hunchbacks and Ma On Shan by my husband.

Date picture taken
17 Jul 1954


Hi Pauline - it's a lovely picture and the detail is still very crisp. I am quite certain now that your husband would have taken this from the shore at Lok Lo Ha village. The angle looks to be spot on. It would be impossible to recreate today though from the same spot due to the racecourse and a apartment complex called "Royal Ascot" being built on reclaimed land in front of where the camera is.

Still, a fantastic photo and many thanks for sharing this and all the others.


Hi Phil, and thank you,  you are very kind. I am very happy to be able to share my husband's photos on the site,  and I am sure he would be pleased too. I am wondering what sort of camera he had when he took these photos, I know that he bought his Leica  (which I still have) while he was in Hong Kong but I wouldn't have thought that he had it this early on.

Thanks for telling me about the location as well,  I find it all very interesting.


This photo almost definitely includes the point where the other picture with 'the ferry' ( was taken.  On that photo, the camera was looking NNW, here the camera would be pointing about NE.  There is a pier on the middle right, and signs of human activity on the extreme left.  For all its worth it might be where 'the ferry' on the other photo docked!  Although purely speculating from the angle the other picture was taken, I'd say it probably docked closer to the position on the left.


Do you think the light areas onthe slopes are connected with the old iron mine on Ma On Shan?

Some of the white lines look very flat, as though they're catchwaters. But the maps don't show any catchwaters around there.

Regards, David