Tuen Mun mansion film set and demolition-1

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:45
In the 1980s property developers discovered the large mansions with lots of land hidden along the coast stretching out towards Tuen Mun (Castle Peak) and gradually they were redeveloped into low/high rise multiple occupancy sites. This mansion with the green tiled roof situated above Cafeteria Old Beach and Kadoorie Beach was used as a film set and painted blue before it was noisily blown up and set on fire around 1986. Does anyone know what the movie's title was? The scenes were shot over a number of evenings and nights, so presumably they were plenty of night scenes in the film of the distinctive blue walls. After filming finished, the wreckers quickly moved in and the site cleared of trees for construction to commence. It is now occupied by the Bayview Terrace complex.
Date picture taken
15 Jun 1986